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Tieger and Barbara Barron. Pathfinder , on the other hand, uses more personal, less formal career assessments.

What are the four steps?

Labovich and Miriam Salpeter. Whether you like it or not, almost all job searches have some component of networking.

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Get ready for those informational interviews and find out the best way to use social media to your advantage while networking by ideally reading both Conversations for Career Success and The Minute Networking Meeting. Whenever I want to learn something new, my first instinct is to find a book about it. Happy reading!


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Your Dream Career for Dummies (For Dummies (Career/education)) [Paperback]

Recognize a sense of mission: Notice when a past experience gives you a vision of what could be different. Catalog the tools you love to use: What you enjoy using in your work and play can lead you to your passions.

The Internet is full of information on all sorts of topics, including careers. Occupational Outlook Handbook : Check out potential careers and salary information. Career Guide to Industries : Research your industry of interest. When changing careers, you may find that your dream career fits into a nontraditional work arrangement.

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An alternative schedule may suit you better than working 9 to 5, five days a week. Some of the alternatives to 9-to-5 may be unfamiliar to you, so the following list tells you what they mean:. Compressed workweek: Work 40 hours in three or four days, instead of the typical five days.

Job share: Partner with someone else to split the workload, and the pay, of one job. Contract work: Contract with a company through an employment agency to work for the duration of a specific project. Telecommute: Set yourself up with the equipment you need to perform your job from home.

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Freelance: Develop a working relationship with several companies so that you can choose the projects you want to work on. Home-based business owner: Launch a business that you run from your home.

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Although it can be unnerving not to know The Answer to your career puzzle, the key to success is to keep an open mind as you explore your options. Bolles Foreword. Currently unavailable.

We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Book Description Publication Date: May 14, From identifying your needs to exploring your options -- make the right career move Changing careers by choice or due to circumstances beyond your control?


Have no fear -- this hands-on guide focuses on helping you find a new job, start a business, or return to school in a detailed, step-by-step manner. With concise, eye-opening self-assessments, you'll understand how to assess your current situation, explore various career ideas, and identify ways to utilize your talents and skills in jobs that suit your lifestyle.

You'll see how to build a career that lets you express who you are, fulfill your needs and desires, and live the life you want!