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Ich wurde immer wieder gefragt, ob es denn nicht problematisch sei, als Deutsche mit einem Israeli verheiratet zu sein. Man sagt ja, dass man sich vor der Heirat die Familie genau ansehen soll, denn man heiratet sie auf dem einen oder anderen Wege mit. Das war's. Fortsetzung 7. I have been asked again and again, if it was not problematic for a German woman to be married to an Israeli.

And then, it is these kind of questions that reminded me that this could actually become a problem. There are reasons enough for it.

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  8. The fact, however, that not only between the two of us but also between our families this has never ever been an issue and that we all regularly encounter and live together with people of another culture and religion, without having faced any kind of conflicts ever, shows me: That it would be sooooo easy for all the people in this world to live side by side in peace, tolerance and respect, if only everybody looked at and accepted each other in an open and unprejudiced way.

    It is said, that one should keep a wakeful eye on the family of the person one wishes to marry, since one does not only marry this person but - to a greater or lesser extent - also his family. I had the fortune to marry into a family that - even though a little chaotic from time to time - is warm-hearted and wonderful. After six decades of life it has - while looking back - become appropriate to ask oneself: What have I achieved during my life? There is just one answer to this question: Yes, my love, you have always finished your job successfully.

    In this connection, I would like to remind everybody proudly and full of admiration that you have - despite of all the warnings and prophecies of doom - literally conjured up a whole quarter out of nothing - the so-called Victoria Garden City, one of today's most demanded districts of Lagos, if not of whole Nigeria. Your intelligence, your energy, your drive and your endless diligence have always impressed me deeply. And so did the experience, that you never lose your enthusiasm, your courage and your hope in difficult situations and always bring them to a favourable issue.

    Comment And now the other side: A boy from Israel leaves into the world to make his fortune. Meanwhile: A boy from Israel goes into the world to make his fortune. Where he went did not matter. First to Brazil and the USA, to try his luck at good fortune. Africa was not in his plans, but where does he end up? Comment 4. I ask you, dear family and friends, is it a fateful coincidence?

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    Or is it possible that secret powers had a hand in it? Corrections Have a look at the beginning of the tread Chapter 1 to 3 - Thank you so much, Becky!!! Comment I really appreciate what you do for me. God bless you! Yours - Ines from Munich. Comment 5. From the first time we met at the party in Lagos 20 years ago, we realized from our evening of wonderful conversations that we had many things to talk about.

    Unlike most parties where you meet each other and then quickly forget the other person, we could not and did not forget each other. The director of our lives choreographer?? Alternate sentence would read: The choreographer - where A man from Israel and a woman from Germany got married. Comment 6. They settled down and quickly joined meshed??

    Coming from abroad to the Lower Rhine

    Soon, Nigeria felt like home to them, which is mainly due to the warm-hearted nature of the Nigerian people, who always welcomed them with open arms and open hearts. Comment 7. I have been asked over and over again, if it was not a problem being a German woman married to an Israeli man. The thought never crossed my mind until people asked me this question. The fact is that this has never been an issue between us or our families. Regularly, we have encountered and lived together among people of other cultures and religions without any conflicts arising.

    This just proves to me: That everyone in the world could live side by side in peace and harmony, if they would just exercise tolerance and respect and accept each other in an open and -- this is probably redundant with unprejudiced unprejudiced way. I took some liberties here. I don't know if you will like them, but I hope I captured the essence of what you were trying to convey. Comment 8. It is said, that one should keep a watchful eye on the family of the person you wish to marry, since you are not only marrying a person but to a lesser extent their family.

    I had the wonderful good fortune to marry into a family - even though a little chaotic at times - is warm-hearted and wonderful. I will see later if I can come up with different wording. Comment 9. While reflecting on six decades of a life, it naturally causes you to ask: What have I achieved during my life?

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    With pride and admiration I am able to say you created something out of nothing, despite all the dire warnings and predictions of doom. The so-called Victoria Garden City is today one of the most popular district of Lagos, if not the whole of Nigeria. I had a little trouble.

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    6. I am not sure if I have everything that was being convey and the tone, but hopefully it is still there. Comment I have always been deeply impressed by your intelligence, your energy vitality??

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      My memories and experiences with you are cherished and fond because in difficult situations you maintained your enthusiasm, your courage and your hope. I do not know if you want me to go back and have it more closely match the original English. Comment Ines Maybe, after you gather together all the suggestions and put evetything together it should be reposted so it can be reviewed in its entirety. Comment Going back to 8 It is said, that one should keep a watchful eye on the family of the person you wish to marry, since you are not only marrying a person but to a lesser extent their family.

      Maybe this is better: It is said, that you should pay attention to the family of the person you wish to marry, Comment Ines - Did this help at all? Does it make sense? Corrections To Becky - Thank you so much!!! Comment Becky - I cannot put it in words, how much you helped me today. God bless you for you understanding and your effort.

      I wish you a wonderful time, Becky.

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      And thank you again for all!!! With my best wishes for you - Ines. Comment Ines - I guess this means you got it off to your aunt okay and were able to use the suggestions. I hope your aunt's speech goes well and expresses everything that she desired to say. Corrections Yes, everything went okay - Thank you once more, Becky!

      Comment Hi Becky! Yes, you're right, everything went fine, and I am very happy that "we" have managed to finish this speech. I did not send the speech to my Aunt without telling her, that if she ever happens to have another translation, she will have to send it to me a lot earlier this time.

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      Everything was so chaotic, and I was so nervous that I unnecessarily insulted people, who have not deserved that. The only thing I could do was to apologize for my behaviour a thousand times. I am only 19 years old and obviously still not able yet to cope with such situations and stay calm. That was obviously too much. Sie hat recht, Meister Rokko. Der Gouverneur ist zwar sehr streng; er muss mir aber doch erlauben, dich in die geheimen Kerker mit mir zu nehmen.

      Verrumthlich wo der Gefangene sitzt, von dem du schon einigemal gesprochen hast, Vater. Oder er muss grosse Feinde haben: It is right enough in you to say this, Master Rocco. But there is something else more precious in my esteem, which with sorrow I perceive all my exertions cannot gain. Pardon me the reproach, but I often see you return quite out of breath from the subterranean vaults of the castle. Why do you not allow me to accompany you?

      It would be delightful to me if I could go with you, and share your toils. But thou knowest the strict orders imposed on me. I am not permitted to allow access to any one of the state prisoners.