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Taylor Swift: Blank Space Video Short Comedy Drama. Taylor Swift: Out of the Woods Video Short Fantasy Music. A girl found out that she is not out of the woods from her relationship yet. Short Fantasy Horror. Short Music. Short Comedy Music. Taylor Swift: Delicate Video Taylor Swift: Style Video The music video for "Style" by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift: Ready for It? Welcome back to Thunder Point, a small town with a real big kick! Carr brings romance and the trials of living to life in a big way. Her descriptions invite readers to the Oregon coast.

Carr makes it approachable while still showing the intensity and stress of it. I love the way that Carr d Welcome back to Thunder Point, a small town with a real big kick! I love the way that Carr develops people. Their true selves really shine through.

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The different yet similarly hopeless pasts of the main characters that they rise above, in epically different manners, added a sense of convergence to the tale. I loved seeing him come into his own. There was just so much more to him than meets the eye. I loved it. Carr has definitely created a winner with this one. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

Shelves: read , contemporary-romance , heac-blue-collar-heroes. As with the previous book of the series, I thought it had some weaknesses, so I didn't find it to be one of Ms. Carr's best. The heroine irritated me at times and the romance, IMHO, was somewhat weak, but as I said in my last review, the strength of these books lie in their atmosphere and sense of place. I've become rather enamored of this little beach-front community, and I've been caught up in the lives of the residents of the town in much the same way I would a favorite soap opera.

It's always nice to visit and catch up on all the gossip, so to speak. I enjoyed finding out what was going on around town and in many of the other characters' lives. I also liked the sense of family, even when some of the family members aren't related by blood, so in the end, I couldn't mark it down more than one star despite my misgivings about certain parts of the story. Blake is a champion triathlete, who competes for the Iron Man title during the course of the story.

I've never been a huge fan of sports romance, but anyone who is, is certain to be a fan of Blake if only for his rippling muscles and trim gorgeous physique. I admired Blake for that reason alone, but even more so because he pulled himself up out of an impoverished childhood to become what he is today. He couldn't have done it without the help of coaches and mentors along the way, something that he fully acknowledges, so now he's using his celebrity to give back to the community, starting programs to help other kids like himself. He offers his knowledge and expertise, free of charge, to help Charlie build up his body and overcome his asthma and health problems.

He also becomes a great friend to his new neighbors in Thunder Point, quickly earning their trust and admiration. I liked how Blake went after the thugs to get back Lin Su's box of treasures, even though to anyone but her it would seem like a bunch of junk. It proved him to be a gallant protector, who cared about her feelings. I also liked that Blake was more of a relationship kind of guy and that when he was with his trainer, Gretchen, he wasn't playing it fast and loose like she was. He actually wanted them to be something more than casual friends with benefits, but she didn't until now.

It was great that he immediately put her in her place when she said she was ready to be exclusive and let her know in no uncertain terms that she'd missed that boat, because he was now interested in Lin Su.

Blake had a lot of patience in dealing with Lin Su. He not only waited a long time for her to warm up to the idea a romantic relationship with him, but he also showed a lot of tolerance for her difficult, stubborn personality. Because of her being so difficult and stubborn, I had a hard time warming up to Lin Su.

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I fully understood how hard her life had been as a single mother. After being adopted as a toddler, she had a pretty privileged upbringing with a well-to-do family, who then turned their backs on her when she got pregnant out of wedlock and the father deserted her. For a long time, she lived hand to mouth just trying to make enough money to feed Charlie and keep a roof over their heads, however meager that roof might have been. When the story opens, they're still living in a dumpy trailer park in a dangerous area of town. Despite my sympathy for Lin Su's situation and understanding that it's not easy to accept handouts, there are times when I felt like she was proud almost to the point of being foolhardy.

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Even though Blake was offering her a safe place to stay, she initially refuses to leave their trailer even after it was broken into and Charlie was chased through the neighborhood by thugs trying to rob him, which led to an overnight stay in the hospital for a severe asthma attack. If the same thing had happened to me, I think I'd have graciously accepted Blake's offer.

I also understood how worried she was about Charlie's medical problems, but she's controlling to the point of almost smothering the poor kid. She eventually lets go enough to allow him to work out under Blake's careful monitoring, but then we see her telling her son lies about his background, which I didn't fully understand. Lin Su was such a closed-off character, it was difficult for me to get where she was coming from.

I understood that she was deeply hurt by Charlie's father, but he was just a kid at the time too and that was fourteen years ago. It seemed like it was way past time for her to let go of the past and move on. I also understood that she'd been focused on taking care of her ailing son and providing for him, but Blake was right there, available and extremely interested, yet she wouldn't even entertain the idea of dating him for a very long time. Then she goes and breaks up with him just because he didn't tell her that Charlie was secretly searching for their family, which seemed like a complete overreaction.

Overall, Lin Su was an admirable mother for providing for Charlie like she has and she's a great nurse to Winnie, but she has major issues with control and keeps herself at arms length from nearly everyone in the story, including Blake.

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I really felt like the romance between Blake and Lin Su was pretty weak. Other than them sharing a mutual physical attraction, which isn't even that strong, and Blake coming to Lin Su's rescue following the break-in, not much of a romantic nature occurs for a very long time. They feel more like just friends and not necessarily close friends either.

They don't kiss or hug or even share much anything of a personal nature about themselves with one another, which would have made me believe in their budding romance, until over pages into the book.