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Many runners start training because they want to lose weight. After all, exercise is important, but what you put on your plate is even more so. However, if your goal is fat loss, nutrition is just as important. Follow these seven simple tips for running-fueled weight loss:. If you want to lose weight, you need to avoid doing the same workouts every day.

Excessive intense workouts equal burnout and injuries. When the goal is weight loss, however, we want those extra calories to go toward building a deficit where the body pulls from the calorie reserves in our body i. Dorfman notes that most runners overestimate their calorie expenditure for running and over-consume calories. Try a glass of water between drinks or dilute the wine with a small amount of seltzer. Don't grocery shop hungry.

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If you do, you'll buy everything in the aisle — instead of sticking to your list. And most of the time, the foods you buy when hungry will the kinds that sabotage your weight loss efforts. Replace side dishes with steamed veggies. Restaurants will often allow you to substitute the fries or chips with steamed veggies. All you have to do is ask. Bake, don't fry. You'll save calories and lower your risk of heart disease.

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Or, use the fat-burner in your backyard: the grill, which offers plenty of flavor without the need for frying. Don't be extra. Order dressing on the side and dip your fork into the cup and then in the salad. This saves a ton more dressing than if one was to order it on the side, and the pour the entire cup on the salad anyway.

Skip the "Venti lattes" and opt for plain coffee. The "designer" coffees can pack a belly-inflating or more calories per serving! Laugh often. Multiply that by and those calories can add up! Eat Less. This means opting for a small side of fries instead of large. Avoid buffets and try to leaving something on your plate at the end of the meal.

When dining out, split a meal with your date and skip dessert. Treat cakes, pies and cookies as occasional treats. Don't socialize around the food tables at parties. You're more likely to munch mindlessly, even though you may not be hungry. Don't eat your kid's leftovers.

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Every little bit of food adds up, including what we call "BLTs" bites, licks and tastes. If you have a dog, take him for a walk.

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It's better for both him and you than just letting him out the back. Bonus: He'll love you even more!

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If you don't have a pet, offer to walk a neighbor's dog. Make friends; lose weight.

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Decrease your food intake by calories per day. Using smaller plates and bowls can help achieve this goal. There will be less room for you to fill up and it makes less food seems like more.

Weight Loss Tip No. 1: Variety Is Overrated

Similarly, eating slower can cut out extra calories since it takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes for your stomach to sense it's full. When possible, walk or bike to do your errands. You'll get fresh air, burn a few calories and get your heart rate up. Buy a pedometer and aim for at least 10, steps each day. Take before pictures.

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You'll be amazed at the progress you've made. Get active friends. If your friends prefer pizza, wings, nachos and beer on a regular basis, find one's who are like-minded and want to be healthy.

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  • Research has suggested that friends enhance or can hurt success. Join a running club or other group focused around physical activity. These are the things your doctor wishes you knew about losing weight. It revs the metabolism, helps the body burn fat, and prevents your body from slowing down or acclimating to calorie restriction. To maintain a healthy diet, you should wholeheartedly enjoy that indulgent meal and then return to eating a balanced diet ASAP. Learn more about the connection behind cheat meals and weight loss. Focusing on self-care can help boost self-esteem, which in turn helps people take better care of themselves and sustain improvements in healthy behaviors.

    While it can be challenging recalling appropriate serving sizes for every single thing, it can help to know what an acceptable serving is for higher-calorie foods you often eat. Almonds, peanut butter, olive oil, and avocado, for example. These 9 genius portion-control tricks can help you commit proper serving sizes to memory.

    For this reason, Passerrello suggests mindful eating—and follows the approach herself. If you typically grab a granola bar or a piece of fruit for breakfast, you may be setting yourself up to overeat later in the day. In one study , people who started their days with 30 to 39 grams of protein wound up eating fewer calories at lunchtime, likely because protein stimulates the secretion of a gut hormone that triggers feelings of fullness.