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I am an avid and accomplished daydreamer, which is often an enemy of long, focused prayer. I can only be quiet for so long. I know that when I attempt longer periods of prayer, I need to constantly refocus which is a useful skill to develop in prayer and life, but takes time and effort , and often I will not be able to sit still.

Our Lord is not limited by our limitations; he is exalted in them. Only our great God could glorify himself through such frail vessels as us. If we come to him in humility, for his glory, and to bear fruit through him, he will lovingly take whatever we have to offer—even if it is but a trifle. Jesus died to reconcile us and bring us into relationship with God. To keep that relationship flourishing, we dedicate ourselves to time with God through his Word and through prayer, even if we stumble through it at first.

While God wants us to come to him with our concerns, we must understand as fully as possible what his concerns are. Jesus died so we would have the freedom and capacity to love God with all we are.

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And to love each other. First, seek to love God with everything you are through and in prayer.

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Then, seek to love your neighbor through prayer. Through your times of active prayer, the Spirit will begin to cultivate an attitude of unceasing prayer. And this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Brad Archer lives in Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Three Practical Steps to Pray Without Ceasing

In his increasingly limited free time, he enjoys playing board games with friends, catching up on his reading, and writing his thoughts down before they run away. This Thanksgiving, I plan to embrace thankfulness. I want to be thankful.

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Everyone does that! That very well may be, but I will not let that voice keep Social media overflows with mantras meant to encourage us in our struggle with comparison. It provides access to documents from an assortment of genres, sermons, political tracts, newspapers, books, pamphlets, maps, legislation, literature and more.

What 3 Things Did Jesus Pray For?

Now for the first time, these high-quality digital scans of original works are available via print-on-demand, making them readily accessible to libraries, students, independent scholars, and readers of all ages. Prayer for Our Country: Three Sermons.

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