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A magazine ad for Botox promises "noticeable results whether it's your first time or you've stopped counting. Results may vary as Botox can cause serious side effects such as problems swallowing, speaking or breathing, due to weakening of associated muscles, can be severe and result in loss of life.

Is there really a question as to whether this is a good idea?? How does injecting botulism into your face, cutting on and inserting foreign objects into your body that change the appearance of who you really are have anything to do with today's mantra of being organic and going green? Plus, so much time and money spent on vanity doesn't leave much left over for outside of ourself pursuits. I'm concerned and sad that my fellow sisterhood doesn't feel it's okay to come as they are.

Don't get me wrong, I like to look nice. I color my hair "back to natural," get my nails done, try to exercise and eat right because I'd like to be thinner and care about trying to dress fashionably. I still fight against the feeling that a lot of women are doing it much better than I am. How did this become so out of control?

And I wonder what men think? Dorian Gray's day out In search of eternal youth, Chumki Bharadwaj checks out the dream merchants.

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Nightingale droppings and caviar may have replaced ass"s milk as the new face of food facials, but for Botox buffs and collagen slaves, youth remains the ultimate elixir and conquering age the final frontier. With vanity and narcissism as the twin pillars of this Holy Grail, anti-ageing crmes, serums and facials claim the priciest spot on the beauty pyramid.

While old is not gold for these Dorian Gray worshippers, gold is definitely a primo tool to primp up sag and iron out lines"as La Prairie"s Pure Gold Serum"s popularity indicates. We just know that it breaks down at different times for different people. So doctors must tailor advice, case by case, to address the inevitable deterioration of our immune system.

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Scanning electron micrograph SEM of a lymphocyte, a type of white blood cell and part of the immune system that helps our body fight off deadly disease. As we age, various factors lead to the inevitable deterioration of our immune system.

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But what about the accumulating effects of unrepaired damage? Could they be a major cause of aging? One of the most popular culprits, if you believe all the marketing, is free radicals. These are highly reactive molecules that destroy organic molecules. Normal metabolic processes in the body produce them. Many contain oxygen, which is harmful to organic molecules. To clean them up, the body employs antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and a naturally occurring enzyme. Could aging be largely the result of accumulated damage caused by free radicals?

Much of this damage afflicts the energy factories of the cell, mitochondria, where lots of free radicals are normally produced. Research has shown, however, that free radicals serve some important functions and are not uniformly evil actors. Their contribution to aging remains unsubstantiated.

So beware.

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Many anti-aging arguments sound convincing on the surface, but there is usually more to the story. Proteins can fold incorrectly, suffer damage from metabolic byproducts, or simply deteriorate. Sure, cells have systems to remove damaged proteins, but these systems become less efficient with age. Damaged proteins can build up in cells and even link with other molecules. Are these a cause of aging or just something we see in the aged?

Scientists do not know for sure. What about damage to DNA?

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Cells have repair systems to deal with these too, and most are corrected. Such mutations appear to increase with aging. Many biomolecules floating in our body are fragile because of their own chemical instability. Impaired molecules can interfere with normal metabolic processes in innumerable ways and cause some of the deterioration seen with aging. While a number of cases have documented that impaired molecules cause harm, no evidence incriminates any particular molecule in the aging process.

The Bible emphasizes that we are to give special honor to the aged Leviticus And we are to care for them Ruth This mutual relationship reminds us of some crucial truths about our fallen world. We need each other, and we need the wisdom that comes only with age Job We all must face death because of sin. Instead of seeking in vain to avoid it, a more important goal would be to approach death wisely Proverbs The elderly remind us of this.

God expects us to spend our time on earth accumulating wisdom Psalm ; Proverbs Health and the pleasures of youth are not the main goals in life; wisdom is. Loving our Creator and depending wholly on him is true wisdom Ecclesiastes They are living proof that God stands by his children to the end Psalm Tiny mammals such as mice have a high metabolic rate and die young.

Could burning lots of calories cause cellular damage that leads to aging and death?

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Might starvation be a path to longer life? Researchers have learned that severe calorie restriction improves longevity in some small laboratory animals, as do drugs that interfere with energy metabolism. Many people have jumped on these findings to conclude we need to eat less—a lot less—to live longer. However, the effect of starvation on lifespan certainly cannot be tested on people! So we need to be careful. We know for a fact that extreme calorie restriction risks decreased muscle mass, osteoporosis, and the life-threating aberrations that come from anorexia.

Furthermore, drugs that interfere with metabolism have dangerous side effects. Some have suggested that intermittent fasting or calorie restriction—a few days every now and then—might allow cellular damage time for repair. Such an approach is safer than starvation, and it is under active investigation, although no research has demonstrated its potential for improving human lifespan or quality of life in the twilight years.

Some external influences impact the expression of genes in our aging cells. We call the study of this vast new field epigenetics. Quite likely. Just one example should suffice: DNA methylation. This modification changes the way genes are expressed without changing the genes themselves. Researchers have already discovered that epigenetic changes like methylation are associated with some age-related diseases.

However, more research is needed to understand how these epigenetic factors vary among healthy people as they age. We are far from knowing enough to begin interfering with these processes. Aging is a natural process of deterioration in this sin-cursed world. We have learned much.

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  • Yet with each new piece of knowledge, we unearth further complexities and more questions. Part of the wisdom of old age is not to rush to conclusions. We need to slow down and compare everything against Scripture Acts God made life challenging so that we would have compassion on others but ultimately look to him.