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On this episode of the captainslog join Captain Brien and Comedian Bret Ernst talk about their time after a year. Bret Ernst He is back his weekend at offthehook Comedy Club by popular demand! Tune in to learn about her racing past and experience and how she has come to be on the new season. Also giving him some advice on the love life! On this episode of naplescaptainslog we have comedian Mitch Fatel! On this episode of the captainslog we get to know the truth with what the Ladies night out is all about!

Our guest are two Pure Romance Consultants with plenty of experience! With one of the Radio Host from B On this episode of the captainslog learn about my Reiki experience. Immediately it is time to turn our attention to the 4th and final phase. An km kite journey across Antarctica.

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No small expedition in itself. We have some goodies stashed here and are enjoying Pringles and about to eat a frozen meal of real food. We are thrilled to have reduced a potential 20 day man-haul to 4 days of walking and 4 days of kiting plus 2 days of becalmed resting. That means we are a full 10 days ahead of schedule! The Easterly wind that has powered our race ahead is now stopping us in our tracks. From here we must head km to a point near the Theil Mountains. What we are currently experiencing, and seem to have for much of the trip, are not classic trade winds.

Our next target is directly into the current wind from here and with the supplies we have collected at the 2 depots we now once again have massive loads.

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We could even go km all the way to pole if we chose, to then come out along the classic South Pole kite route. Or we could head another 60km south and try to pick up slightly different wind currents before we cross an area that almost nobody has ever set foot in. Once again the wind absolutely dominates our futures! It is fun to analyse all the different route options and wind forecasts to try to formulate the best strategy.

We are not complacent about the journey ahead. Although we have had a massive boost we could still get shut down by a number of factors. Wow, how a kite and some skis can change an expedition. Following that an unusual wind direction and the freshly groomed American South Pole road allowed us to travel amazingly fast over km to our second cache in less than 24hrs. We are resting up, sorting food we actually have too much!

Which the Christmas forecast shows us promise. It could take us 14 days, it could take Either way we have time, food, and enough good humour bantering around, to get us through. A Coordinates — S It was far less severe yesterday but it was total white out with visibility less than 5m. No way to travel by kite in that so we were tent bound and it was surprisingly cold in the tent due to the lack of sun.

That also made our route choice easy. We are sticking with original plan and shall not be flying by the South Pole. Today as per the forecast the sun is back and the wind has dropped. The wind is due to change to the SSE knot that we so desperately need tomorrow. We could do with minimum 10 knot to send us on our way across km of terrain that has hardly ever been travelled and never traversed by kite to reach the Theill Mountains.

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Then we join the classic South Pole — Hercules Inlet kite route for km to the 3 sail peaks before venturing through the Sentinel mountains back to Union Glacier. Each subdivided into 3 more. This first km leg to Theil Mountains is the one we are most concerned about.

We need SE to S winds or we are scuppered. Our entire expedition strategy was built on the foundation of this trade wind pattern but it is not what we have been experiencing. We have been hearing that this has been an exceptional weather year. Union glacier has experienced unusually high temperatures and Ben Saunders, currently solo, unsupported crossing the continent commented on his blog that in 17 years of Antartic travel this was the worst weather season he had experienced. So we must just hang in there with our strategy based on what we felt we the most likely wind patterns.

The good news is that with every km we travel on this route we are it only one km closer to home we should become more and more exposed to favourable wind flows that means, hopefully the going should get easier. With kind wind we could be in Union in a week. We have a month. We celebrated Christmas in style today. The sun once again warming the tent life inside is comfortable.

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With few select adornments we decorated the tent and a Christmas sasstrugi, exchanged small gifts the best being set of zebra boxers from Jean to Mark!? Mark gave me a card forwarded from Freya who had drawn me a beautiful picture of mummy, daddy, Jackson and Freya under a rainbow. You can see it here. We miss our loved dearly after 6 weeks away already.

We have spoken on the sat phone and it is a warm feeling to know our families are together, happy and celebrating. We know we are missed as we miss them but are happy to send love from this forever winter place. I believe in Father Christmas and he is going to bring us a wind to ride all the way home! First I shall continue pigging out on chocolate and the queens own Fudge from Penrith toffee shop! Happy Christmas everybody and to anybody reading thanks for joking us for this most extraordinary Antarctic Ride!

A call to home and the voices of my hyper excited children enjoying Christmas morning was a tear jerker, but nice to hear. Unfortunately, our heading was a bit more East than we anticipated and therefore into wind. This meant instead of arriving here at our destination waypoint in 4 hours whooping, we got here after 10 hours with just one 30 min stop… hurting.

Although it was cold and windy, it was sunny and we could manage the chill. For hours there was an amazing rainbow around the sun, a sun dog, and for a while another phenomenon called a sun pillar. For times we were lost in this vast and sublime desolation. Then it was back to full concentration, holding the same ski edge for hours on end — left leg today. We floated between sublime wonder and an endurance test all day.

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As usual fully kitted up with down suits, helmets, goggles, gloves, mitts, ski boots, over boots, skis, harness, GPS, camera, GoPro, spare batteries, food… oh and now a replenished kg pulk! Looks like the wind may be swinging further East tomorrow, which is not what we want, but we can and will tack as best we can. We have put in a sterling effort to begin the fourth and final phase of the spectre expedition; we will continue to ride the wind all the way home. Well, it seems he was right. A huge chunk, but with kites as our secret weapon.