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Male flight attendant trend is taking off in Japan | South China Morning Post

Dodge the aggressive shop keepers and head straight for Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato. This church may be older than San Marco though its elaborate mosaic floors have been spared the damage caused by constant visitors and the heaving high waters of St. Marks Square. The odd opening hours may also have something to do with its wonderful state of preservation.

Your lamp will be swathed in enough bubble wrap to be sent by catapult and still arrive intact. This one storey palazzo looks like a modest bungalow amidst its splendid multi-storied neighbours along the Grand Canal. Live the high life, or at least appear to by quaffing copious quantities of Prosecco, the Italian version of champagne. On the Cathay Pacific , the rest area is located above the economy class section at the rear of the plane.

It's accessed via a non-descript door in the galley area.

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There's another rest area which I did not see for pilots at the front of the plane. Read on for more recent visits There are two crew rest areas on this plane. One is upfront for pilots, the other is accessed by a secret door by the rear galley and contains six soundproof sleeping berths for flight attendants.

Flight Attendants Share Their Horror Stories

This get-away-from-it-all space is cherished by crew, especially on those our transpac long hauls! Well, minutes before that flight departed, I was allowed onboard to photograph the interior of the plane. While doing so, I noticed flight attendants entering the secret staircase to the crew rest area and asked if I could slip in for a quick video, and they obliged! On my recent trip to the Delta Museum in Atlanta to see the new Experience exhibit, I snapped a photo of the pilot's crew rest area upstairs in the bubble of the aircraft on display. There's another crew rest area for flight attendants at the back of this plane, but the light was not good enough to capture a good image.

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So as we all prepare to depart on packed flights this summer, it's nice to know that there are some spacious seats somewhere onboard! Have you ever seen one of these secret spaces on a plane? Please leave your comments below or on our Facebook page. Get twice-per-week updates from TravelSkills via email!

My father had a lifelong ticket to fly anywhere. Then they took it away

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TravelSkills Weekly Newsletter Destinations, recommendations, travel tips and more. We arrived at the Taj Mahal as the sun was rising, and I was not disappointed: the white mausoleum was breathtaking in the morning light, and radiated peace and calm.

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  • Only a few people were around. I enjoyed the silence, and let it work its magic on me.

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    In March, my schedule saw me in the Asian metropolis of Shanghai, one of my absolutely favourite destinations — airport code: PVG. They sell everything the fashion-lover could desire: coats, dresses, blouses, suits — all in every imaginable material. The idea is really quite simple: either you buy the dresses that are on display here, or you take along a photo of a garment, or even an actual garment, that you would like to have copied.

    The most important thing is the haggling, which is an art in itself.

    A day in the life of a United Airlines flight attendant - Business Insider Deutschland

    Prices start high, and you keep negotiating until you reach a price that both parties agree is at least partly fair. I love it every time I go there: the quality is great, prices unbeatable, and you end up owning something that is quite unique. I always find Moscow exciting, even though finding your way around can be somewhat challenging. If like me you have your problems with the Cyrillic alphabet, then be sure to ask the hotel to write down the sights, restaurants and Metro stations for you to make it easier to get to your destinations.

    They are just like underground palaces — magnificent. Mosaics, huge chandeliers and endless round arches adorn the stations. Each one has a different effect on me, and I am absolutely fascinated by the architecture.