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Their opposites attract relationship is intense and sizzling, and more than makes up for the less than stellar suspense plot which is rather mundane and predictable. It had decent enough plot between sex scenes but lots of relationship denial thoughts that I started skimming. Dept of Justice agent Shadoe posses as stripper and works with government agency biker Spencer to catch corrupt DEA agent.

Dawn Jan 29, Awesome! It was hot, steamy, sexy, sweet and with some action towards the end of the story. Spence and Shadoe were incredible together with all that crazy sexy chemistry and I really enjoyed seeing Pax and AJ right there with them! Fortunately, her characters did that enough for everyone. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

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Working with the Wild Riders, a government agency of bad-boy bikers, her goal is to expose a corrupt DEA agent. Standing in her way is arrogant and smoking-hot Spencer King, her new partner and one of the Wild Riders. Spence thinks she looks more like a schoolteacher than a stripper, and doubts her ability to do the job. But when he teasingly challenges Shadoe to strip just for him, he finds out there's more to the surprisingly sexy agent than by-the-book rules and Government Issue pantsuits.

Diaz turned and walked away. He gave her so little credit. She could tell the good ones from the bad ones within seconds, knew instantly when to be wary.

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End of story. Now he was something entirely different, and so was her reaction to him. He made her uncomfortable. Not in a bad way, but in a God-that-man-is-gorgeous-and-makes-my-panties-wet kind of way. And in all these years Diaz had never once even noticed she was female.

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When Mac had brought her in, Diaz had at worst ignored her completely, at best treated her like a little kid. It had remained that way for the past eight years. How long had he been noticing her? Was he even aware of it?

No, this was different. And a little off balancing. Being given an assignment was exciting enough. Assigned a case with Diaz? Not only was she finally going to be working a case—and a fascinating case at that—but this was her chance to get to know the man who had fueled her fantasies for a number of years. What the hell was Grange thinking letting her tag along on this case?

He jammed his hand through his hair, trying to fight the annoyance coursing through his veins. Maybe an hour or so with the punching bag in the gym would help release some of the fire fueling his anger. He needed an outlet for the rage he could barely contain right now.

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If it was up to him, Jessie would have been sent to college far away from the dangers the Wild Riders represented. She had no business being a part of their life. Oh, she talked the talk and walked the walk, but there was a hint of vulnerability about her—a sweet innocence that Diaz had wanted to lock in a closet and protect. And that was the bottom line. Not that Jessie knew about either. Mac just grinned. Pax snorted. Just like Jessie did.

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These guys were her family. Diaz stood and grabbed the packet Grange handed him. You know better. Grange cleared his throat. Diaz snorted. Jessie resisted jumping up and down. But holy cow, she had an assignment! There was no problem. When fate sends Nora Bennett back into his life, he takes one look at her and realizes that he made a huge mistake breaking up with her five years ago.

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Now, he'll do whatever it takes to win her back. As Reid sets out to earn her forgiveness and convince her that the guy she's dating is not the one for her, Nora finds herself torn between what her head is telling her and what her heart wants. It's a race he never expected to be in, for a girl he can't stand to lose again. Georgia Bennett likes to keep busy. So much so that sometimes it's like she's on autopilot. Between nursing school and volunteering at the hospital, she barely has time to breathe.

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But when the bad boy of motocross gets injured and needs her help, she can't turn him down. Brett Sallinger likes his women like his bikes.