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And there you have it. I highly recommend it to anyone facing the otherwise daunting task of formatting for different eBook publishers. Thanks Ed, you have saved me many frustrating hours with your excellent book. Photo credit: nitot via photopin cc. I have not yet tried your method.

What I need to know first, is whether I can get the final version of my manuscript which is now in PDF format into Scrivener. I had written the manuscript in Scrivener, and then for the copyeditor to do a copyedit, I needed to export it to Word. Then after the copyedit, I sent that Word doc to the interior designer for the interior formatting, which she did in InDesign.

So now the final copy is in PDF, which is fine for the paperback version. But I need an eBook version too. I printed out these instructions so I could refer to them over and over. Hope that helps! Thank you so much.

Create a new title

This will save lots of time as I plan on pumping out several mobi files for Kindle in the next few months. I see you have the ISBNs for this book.

The fine print

I do recommend having one; but it is your choice. This is such a helpful article. You rock! I followed your directions to the T, checking and double-checking. When I look at the manuscript binder on Scrivener, it only lists chapter 3 once. Any tips on how to troubleshoot this? Thank you.

Publishing Books on Amazon Kindle: Don't Break These Rules

I have managed to upload my book to all the major platforms in the last two days. Wish I had started with Scrivener from scratch. Am sure it would have saved me a couple of weeks. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated. I had had great success with your instructions. There was a learning curve but not I format and update my books in minutes for kindle. Then I convert the mobi file to an epub in Calibre free in about 10 seconds. Now I am looking to bundle two books and have no idea how to do that in scrivener.

Amazon Self-Publishing: How to Publish a Book With KDP

Any suggestions? Can Scrivener accept InDesign files instead of Word files? Each chapter is a separate topic and that topic is used as the chapter title. I have followed these instructions to the letter twice — but unfortunately my chapter headings are not centred and my tavle of contents just lists the words — Title Page and The title itself — no links to chapters of other front matter. Im using a Mac OS x I am going slightly crazy! I love this article and got your formatting book. I imported from MS Word Mac Is there a way to put the Contents page after the other front matter pages?

Also, i tried importuning from MS Word Mac and I had written with tabs i word, which did not import well and looks funky when compiled. Is there a way to clean that up without doing it manually — or import so it cleans that up. Hi, Bobby. Wow Ed. That was easy, after a year of not being able to figure it out. Love Scrivener. Look forward to reading your book! I have worked with Scrivener for about a year. I am using the Windows version. Any idea? Hi Ed, thank you for this very informative post.

I feel like an idiot. In the amazingly short time it took you to answer my question I had a lightbulb go off and I dragged the KindleGen icon to my Utilities folder. Ed, thanks for taking the time to put together this information.

DIY for writers: now produce and publish your book in 30 minutes flat

I have the latest Windows version of Scrivener and am running into lots of problems. When I create a chapter in Scrivener and leave it blank then Scrivener automatically numbers it for you. In other words, if I leave the first chapter untitled then Scrivener will automatically fill in Chapter One in the output, including. Well, here is the problem, if I leave the chapter title blank in Scrivener then the compile document prints Chapter One on the first page of the chapter but then in the.

Does that make sense? What am I doing wrong? Some issues that I found:. I had to move it around half a dozen times before the file behaved appropriately in the preview program. It ended up working if I put it in about the second line of text. For some reason, it is still putting all of the text in italics.

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I must have a hidden code in my file somewhere. I had initially italicized the dedication, but when I un-italicized it and submitted again, it is still italicized. How can I download the updated file to my device from Amazon to make sure there are no other quirks in the actual book file? I have archived and re-downloaded, but still have the initial file. You can request the latest from them, however. I was trying to fix my book over and over again. When I looked at it in the previewer and kindle app on my pc, it was right, but when I redownloaded it to my Kindle via Amazon, it was the old, bad version.

I used Scrivener to produce my Kindle file for my new book, tested it out in the Kindle reviewer app, on each of my devices, etc.

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Submitted it to Kindle yesterday, and downloaded the commercial file today. No page breaks, tiny font and long lines, just awful. I have to figure out how to produce and resubmit a file that will work! Hi, PD. Second, are you saying that the font in the front and back matter differs in size from the font in the body of the book?

Forgive me if this is an unnecessarily basic point, but remember that on an e-reader the user generally has control over the font size and not the author. I have created an iPhone travel app: Kauai Beach Guide. I have a number of photos that I would like to use, and would pare down to one for each beach mentioned When you mention images, does this include photos?

I hired a developer to do the coding, so I personally am not tech-minded. Everything worked well. However, I am encountering an issue and have not been able to find the answer anywhere. When I create an e-book or Kindle. Any ideas?

How To Self-Publish Your Book Through Amazon

They pick up on the layout and arrangement more than they think. I can teach you how to format a Kindle book in just 30 minutes. All you need is to study the steps and implement them with the next book you publish. Every book has standard parts , from the front matter and table of contents to the core matter and the back matter. I like making things simple, so I just think of the Kindle book format in eight sections.

These are:. Before we discuss each section of the book, we need to ensure that our manuscript is clean. That means no prior formatting, no HTML codes, no bold, no italics, and so on. If you have copied and pasted your manuscript from a different place or a program other than MS Word, you might have some weird fonts or characters in your manuscript.

In this case, what you want to do is to clear it by using a TEXT format. Just copy all the text. You can still choose to make changes to the basic template!

You can change how big your title is going to be, customize the subtitle, alter chapter headings, and all that. You can also change the alignment to centered or justified.