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Michel Debroux Exchange of information : The French Competition Authority sanctions a practice of exchange of information on the market of wall paper on the basis of a leniency application Wall paper 22 December Aut. Michel Debroux Pork meat sector : The French Competition Authority fines various practices implemented in the pork meat sector, by individualizing finely the fines and accepting some forms of exchange of information without anticompetitive object or effect Pork meat sector 13 February Aut.

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Michel Debroux Ticketing sector : The French Competition Authority fines a cartel between three ticketing operators, aimed at driving a new competitor out of the market Ticketing sector 20 December Aut. Michel Debroux Fire extinguishing sector : The French Competition Authority moderately fines a professional association for imposing discriminatory certification rules for fire extinguishers, restricting access to the French market for operators offering equipment lawfully marketed in the European Union Fire extinguishing sector 19 December Aut.

Michel Debroux Fines - Proportionality - Ability to pay : The General Court rejects in 4 judgments the appeals and sheds some light on the calculation method of fines and the proportionality principle, and interprets strictly the concept of ability to pay Calcium carbide and magnesium 12 December Trib. Michel Debroux Restriction of competition : The French competition authority analyses the market for repair, maintenance and spare parts in the automotive sector and recommends a gradual opening up to competition Functioning of competition in the sector of car repair and maintenance, and the manufacturing and distribution of spare parts 18 October Aut.

Michel Debroux Parallel exports : The French Competition Authority suggests amendments in order to limit the restrictions on parallel trade of medicinal products between EU Member States, while preserving the public health objective of the decree Supply of medicinal products for human use 20 July Aut. Michel Debroux Producer responsibility : The French Competition Authority clarifies the conditions in which PROs take action in the waste collection, sorting and treatment market and the materials recovery market Waste management sector 13 July 92 Aut.

Michel Debroux Cartels : The General Court reduces significantly the fines imposed on two natural gas suppliers, on grounds of a miscalculation by the Commission of the duration of the infringements E. ON Ruhrgas and E. Michel Debroux Duration of the infringement : The General Court reduces the fines imposed on two energy incumbent companies due to an incorrect assessment as regards the duration of the infringement GDF Suez, E.

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ON Ruhrgas et E. Michel Debroux Grouping of purchases : The French Competition Authority delivers an opinion relating to grouping of purchases, with a view to obtain volume rebates Distribution of veterinary medicines 19 June Aut.


Michel Debroux Cartels - Damage to economy : The Court of Cassation rejects an appeal relating to the issue of damage to economy and puts an end to the French telephony cartel case Orange France 30 May Cass. Michel Debroux Exchange of information : The French Competition Authority explains once again the rules governing exchange of statistical information on the market 15 May Aut. Michel Debroux Contract for the supply of coal : The General Court dismisses actions brought by private coal producers, in considering that the Commission has not committed a manifest error of assessment as to the capacity of the licensed private mines in South Wales Jones 15 February GCEU, 23 November , Jones a.

Michel Debroux Cartels - Settlement : The European Commission applies, respectively for the fourth and fifth time, the settlement procedure to an agreement in the sector of glass for cathode ray tubes and to an agreement in the refrigeration compressors sector CRT Glass - Refrigeration Compressors 7 December Eur.

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Michel Debroux Agriculture and antitrust: Towards new relationships? September A new reform of the Common Agricultural Policy will enter into force in Michel Debroux Agricultural sector — Interprofessional agreement : The French Competition Authority agrees to extend an inter-professional agreement in that it allows free negotiations, on the one hand, and is in favor of the terms of an agreement that allows flexibility in the trade negotiations, on the other hand 27 July Aut. Michel Debroux Imputability - Repeated infringement : The General Court confirms the existence of a single and continuous infringement but reduces the fine for non compliance with recidivism principles Installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators 13 July GCEU, 13 July , ThyssenKrupp Liften Ascenseurs a.

Michel Debroux Fines : The Court of Cassation rejects the appeal against the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal, stating that the cancellation of one of the charges of the conviction does not necessarily affect the amount of the fine Lafarge and Vicat 12 July Cass. Michel Debroux Competition Authority capacity in its advisory function : The French Competition Authority considers that it cannot pronounce on a general agreement in its advisory capacity, but agrees to reply to the general questions on competition Agricultural raw material 12 July Aut. Ebooks and Manuals

Malgorzata Pujdak , Michel Debroux Interpretation of the de minimis notice : The Court of Cassation refers to the Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling asking whether an agreement that does not reach de minimis threshold can be pursued and sanctioned by the ANC on the ground of both EU and national competition law Expedia 10 May Cass. Michel Debroux Accountability of the conduct : The General Court reduces the fines of certain members of the gas insulated switchgear market, on the basis of lack of proportionality and breach of the principle of equal treatment Siemens, Areva 3 March GCEU, 3 March , Siemens v.

Michel Debroux Concept of agreement — Standard of proof : The Court of Justice dismisses an appeal, in considering that the GCEU has not committed a legal error in building upon the invoked documents of the Commission which constitute sufficient evidence of the existence of an agreement aiming to restraining parallel competition Activision Blizzard Germany 10 February CJEU, 10 February , Activision Blizzard Germany v.

Michel Debroux Retail in the food sector : The French Competition Authority assesses the behaviour of major retailers and is of the opinion that a law may be necessary to remove barriers to entry Retail in the food sector 7 December Aut. Michel Debroux Public tender - Related undertakings : The Paris Court of Appeal confirms an exception to intra-group immunity when related companies answer separately to an invitation to tender, despite a specific context characterised by post-merger undertakings Maquet ; operating tables sector 28 October ; contre Aut.

Michel Debroux Call for tender - Exchange of information : The French Competition Authority fines collusion by suppliers in the automotive industry but takes into account their financial difficulties Automotive industry 15 October Aut. Michel Debroux Concerted action in response to a call for tender : The Paris Court of Appeal confirms on all points the decision of the French Competition Authority which sanctions a concerted action during a call for tender procedure Raffalli 16 September CA Paris, ch , 16 septembre , Raffalli; contre Aut.

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Michel Debroux Fine - Role as a leader : The General Court essentially upholds the Commission decision but significantly reduces the amount of the fine imposed on the undertaking on the basis that its role as a leader of the cartel established by the Commission was not proved Deltafina 8 September GCEU, 8 September , Deltafina v. Where are the borders? Michel Debroux Public tender procedure : The French Competition Authority sanctions a concerted action between competitors during a public tender procedure Sector of the sanitary transport in Seine-Maritime 22 July Aut.

Je suis aussi descendante de Solon Beaudoin et Anne Gautereau. Re: Trying to trace family history I am researching a Roland Davis whose father's name was Hassel Davis. Is this in your line? Thank you.

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If these listed names are your family then we are related. I have a Baudouin family genealogy that lists some of these people on an old Franch paper writes from about You can contact me at Anyhow, if you could send me the information concerning this Jean Viaud and Mareguerite Faubert a Trying to trace family history I'm just starting this venture for the first time I don't know their maiden names Andre, Just came across your message.

D'où viennent les noms de famille?

Do hope you can understand English, as your message was in French, and I do not speak French. I just If you do have info on this f Un de leurs fils Jean Viaud est baptise le 9 mars, a Ozillac, pres de Jonzac.

I have no information on I have quite a bit about Vincents children, most likely nothing new to you, but if you would like we can go over it. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. My family is planning on visiting Saintes this summer and I would really like to find more about the oldest Vinet I've been able to find so far. He married Anna Martha Boutcher.

Any information would Merci d'avance. Looking for relatives with the surname of Vinet from Saintes in Charente-Maritime. I plan on visiting the town this Spring or Summer and would like to meet relatives. I am a direct descendant of Pie I have about descendants of Pierre and Suzanne if you are interested. Jens-Holger Stehr E-mail: ance. We find in paris Charles Dousdebes ,and other person is andree Dousdebes tel the proble Veuillez comuniquer par courriel