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No more Crinklink. This is clearly away from your usual style of not doing any killing. It undermines that completely. It does. There are all sorts of typical references to extreme violence and gags about death delivered by our favorite characters. In all the various reprints of these stories down the line — as booklets, as jigsaw puzzles, as strange oversized British books — it seems like whenever they needed to cut two of the stories, these were the two to go.

I wonder if someone saw these as the weaker of the stories. It might have been Britton. It might even have been Baum himself.

See a Problem?

It is! Really, the story is just about two funny-looking people getting into trouble on a fishing trip! Both stories are about our heroes having accidents and needing to be saved by the Wizard. Neill has, of course, illustrated them accordingly. And the Wizard has an obsession with enchanted buttons.

Think about it. Funny that Baum would repeat that element in two stories. It does feel very fairy tale-ish, though. Me too.


If you notice, a large portion of the plot of this one involves the Nome King as a sort of maker of machine parts. Oh, how interesting to see that influence of other versions of Oz coming back into the books again. Yeah, I had a suspicion about that. Baum liberally adapted the entire plot of this story from Act II of his play. Quelle surprise. Afterwards, the Shaggy Man thinks Tik-Tok has come back to haunt him as a ghost. This blog is full of ginger!

And it is a shame to make a suggestion, but we are fearful that the use of the word murder and the term ghost will be considered a grave departure from the regular way of L. Frank Baum and his fairy stories.

What Oz books have they been reading? The colors, in particular, have been altered. Tiny little differences like that affect the overall attractiveness of the stories, at least for me. I really like that first, collected edition. The little story headers are in dark blue, too. Aesthetically, I find it very pleasant to look at, even if the pictures are sometimes organized in a way that poorly matches the flow of the story.

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  • I love the large print. I quite like the gaudiness of these colors sometimes, where it works, like in the Jack Pumpkinhead pictures. You know, the thing that I find interesting about these stories, inasmuch as I find anything interesting about them, is the focus on the Wizard.

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    Is it just because the original book is called The Wizard of Oz? More so the play, I think. I admit — I skipped them! I agree with that — the Queer Visitors stories are quite charming, but in a very specific way. Personally, I find that they need to be surrounded by pictures, as was intended. Here, thanks to Wikipedia, is a full-page example of one of the original strips. The illustrations count for a lot because the stories are almost at the level of having been written on the back of a napkin.

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    Little Wizard Stories of Oz, Illustrated

    Toggle navigation. Frank Baum, the creator of the Oz books. The six tales were published in separate small booklets, "Oz books in miniature," in , and then in a collected edition in Each booklet was 29 pages long, and printed in blue ink rather than black. Log-in or create an account first! Scarce collection of six stories, first published as individual volumes in Hardcover, full yellow-orange cloth, red titling, full color plate on front cover. Full color plates, including six full-page and one double-page spread for each story; illustrated endsheets; collated and complete..

    Later Printing. Frank Baum Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! John R. Neill's illustrations are among his best and are the high point for me, especially the double-page ones. The Books of Wonder facsimile reprint is up to their usual high standards.

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    All of Baum's Oz books have some material no longer considered appropriate for children, but this one is unusually disturbing. Also, why does the Wizard have antennae in all the pictures? Mar 05, Lili ana rated it liked it. Another edition. Well, as with most books comprised of short stories, there were a couple that I liked and a couple that I didn't. This book is obviously intended for the younger Oz reader. And I think that is fine. But it is too watered down. I am really surprised that Baum would "dumb down" any type of story for his readers.

    I always suspected both these two of just being old softies and I was right all along. Nov 01, Grace rated it really liked it Shelves: kids-books-for-all-ages , fantasy-sci-fi-comics. A cute collection of Oz short-shorts. This collection is intended for a younger audience than the approximate child or MG reading level that might enjoy the regular Oz books. Each story is just a few pages long, has a very simple plot, and has a very obvious moral at the end.

    Great for younger readers, or for anyone who just enjoys the simplicity of Baum's Oz. Dec 29, Kelsey Marie rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in Out of all of the books of Oz that I have read, this one has been my least favorite. The little stories in it didn't serve a purpose, there weren't any of Baum's usual puns, there was no wit behind any of it.

    It was very disappointing. This was a quick, fun and light read! I love the stories and I enjoyed each one of them. I like the story of the Lion and the Tiger, so cute!! Feb 04, Kim rated it really liked it. I am a Wizard of Oz fan and always love return visits to Oz. This is a collection of small stories with all the familiar characters. Better than I thought it would be, but there are much better Oz books.