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It seems to me that although acronyms have practical benefit to the reader, I often feel its a little like the chicken or the egg; which came first, the word and then the reasoning behind it, or the other way around?

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It feels a little like you are studying the text, learning the core topics…. But is that not the point? That in your employment life you are judged and examined; whether it be your CV, at the interview or in your performance at work.

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Although this is from the perspective of the prospective employee, perhaps if a few companies were to read this, it may help them evaluate how they can also get the best out of their existing staff, as well as the ones they are still to hire!! Being employable or having employability does not mean you are not currently working and hence, read this book if you are even trying to improve how you interact and come across to other people in your personal and employment life!

The philosophy of the book is based on the principles of coaching and mentoring.

It is designed to develop your awareness, build your confidence and capability, and encourage ownership of and responsibility for your actions. Use it as your critical friend to become the best you can be and increase your chances of success with employers. Check out the 5 star reviews!

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Twenty graduates aged between 21 and 30 share their experiences, heartfelt views, and tips for job searching in your 20s. They reflect on what it feels like, what helps, and what does not help.

It helped me identify what my strengths and weaknesses were and where I might like to end up working. Lauren has an exceptional understanding of the audiences Youth Employment UK serve. Lauren has led key research projects as part of her role, exploring employability skills in our literature review, supporting on the Role of the Family in Social Mobility report published in and leads on our Youth Voice Census.

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Laura is an experienced partnership and communications leader, with a real passion for supporting all young people to progress. Having worked in the education and policy space for a number of years Laura moved into a key role with the National Citizens Service, supporting the development and growth of the organisation at a key time. Laura was a passionate supporter of Youth Employment UK and its aims prior to joining in , and now leads our strategic partnerships and relationships at a key time of growth for us. Patrick Cantellow is an award winning Entrepreneur and social Ambassador.

Having completed a Level 3 and 4 apprenticeship, and currently completing his Level 6, Patrick is a champion for workplace learning. As a young person I have seen and experienced the inequalities when it comes to youth employment. I believe that it is up to young people to fight for better opportunities alongside the adults.

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I have always been a passionate believer in the needs of young people, especially with regards to opportunities for employment and education. That very quote is my guide as I advocate for better opportunities for young people.

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I aim to be a leading light for my peers as we push for better opportunities and I am immensely honoured to have been appointed as the Policy Officer for the Youth Employment UK Ambassador Board. In addition, I have attended and taken part in the Staffordshire Youth Debates for the last two years which was broadcast live on the Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services website.

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All this has led me to be a gold ambassador for young people across Staffordshire where I network with several other schools in the area. I work closely with the Chair and the Youth Employment UK team to maintain Ambassador Records, ensuring that all Ambassadors are contributing to Youth Employment UK, and making sure all ambassadors meet the minimum requirements, while also supporting those Ambassadors that need extra support to get involved.

My journey into the world of entrepreneurship started in , when I founded my own company, Harvey Morton Digital, while I was still at school.