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In the first issue, it is the only advertisement space to be filled, but lines drawn on the cover pages 2, 3 and 4 show on each of them 10 boxes for potential adverts. By the second issue, the lower part of the cover page featured a set of the play, and the advertisement moved to the cover page verso. Later ads include providers of theatrical props and accessories chandeliers, statues, mirrors, scientific instruments, luggage, weapons, musical instruments etc.

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Other ads for publications available by subscription could have appealed to a more general readership who may not have had direct or easy access to Paris and its theatres, but were interested in literature, culture, and self-improvement. The announcer must have bought that space for 24 issues, but those advertisements stop from issue 25 onwards. The Minister of Public Instruction himself is supposed to have taken a subscription!

The whole Echo collection totals twelve volumes, that is 39 issues of 8 pages each, all including a literature and a science lecture. One can see how the subscription format of the illustrated lectures images in total! Its premium subscription included the delivery of real size fashion patterns.

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Poster resembling the French flag advertising war bonds, Paris c. Poster for liberty bonds featuring French poilu, a Scottish highlander and an American soldier. Posters appealing for funds and donations make up another substantial part of the collection, advertising galas, concerts and art exhibitions for various causes.

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They reveal the proliferation of charities and aid organisations from the outset of the war, all raising funds for different groups of people adversely affected by the war: orphans, wounded soldiers, POWs, families of soldiers killed in action, refugees and the poor. Paris, c. Paris, Anti-German poster detailing the atrocities committed by its government and armies arranged under nine headings. Paris His anthropomorphised tank takes less inspiration from contemporary tanks than those in H.

Wells, La guerre des mondes , translated by Henry-D.

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Davray Brussels, They were taken over in by advertising giants JCDecaux, and have gradually been repurposed with dual functions; they are toilets, phone boxes, and some are even equipped with pollution-absorbing devices; ultra-modern but concretely connected to the past.

Charles Lansiaux, Paris la guerre au quotidien. Photographies de Charles Lanciaux Paris, Her stormy relationship with him and her reputation as a pioneering woman sculptor, depicted in biographies, plays and films, have raised her profile outside her native France, where, despite this, the name Claudel is more readily associated with her younger brother Paul. He remained a devout Catholic for the rest of his life, and considered becoming a Benedictine monk.

Instead, however, he went into the diplomatic service, and found an outlet for his religious fervour in poetry and drama. At the same time, his experiences of living in other countries provided him not only with inspiration but also with a deeper understanding of their cultures than the mere taste for exoticism. He made rapid progress in his career, rising from first vice-consul in New York and Boston to become French consul in China, living in Shanghai, Fuzhou and Tientsin, before being posted to Prague in December She had spent part of every year in Paris during the period , promoted Czech culture in France, and invited Auguste Rodin to visit Bohemia and Moravia in Claudel chose her as godmother to his daughter, born during his residence in Prague, and their lasting friendship enhanced the understanding of Czech art in France and of French literature in Bohemia.

Although initially influenced by Rimbaud and the Symbolists, Claudel struck out in a different direction, deeply imbued with his Catholic faith. Like his other dramas, such as the Everyman-like Le Soulier de satin Paris, ; Zweig MS The careers of Camille and Paul Claudel appeared to diverge widely; while one plunged into an unconventional milieu and died in an asylum, the other was outwardly a pattern of respectability, representing his country abroad and forming part of the Catholic literary tradition continued by Mauriac and Gide.

Now winter has come in earnest, and St Nicholas trudges again Through the firs; two sacks on his donkey, full of toys for the young of Lorraine. O all that was still not finished, where this black soaked path, yesterday, went Under the ragged birch in the mists, and the great oak with its strong scent! Czech Republic , France , Literature , Romance languages. The short lives of Emily and her siblings Charlotte , Branwell and Anne continue to capture the imagination of readers throughout the world, and their writings are studied by scholars, dissected as set books in schools and colleges, and devoured by those captivated by the fortunes of Jane Eyre or the passions of Heathcliff and Cathy.

Before any of this, however, the first medium by which Wuthering Heights conquered the hearts of readers worldwide was translation. It shares this with the work of an author equally skilled in evoking the landscape of northern England on the other side of the Pennines — Beatrix Potter.

Below: a brooding Heathcliff by the same artist, pictured later in the book. Honneur et respect! At the time, these copies on vellum were bound in red, blue or black velvet, and though most of the original bindings have disappeared, the later British Museum bindings have replicated this feature.

La résurrection d'une mal-aimée de la royauté

Prologue to Vincent de Beauvais, Miroir Historial , tr. Jean de Vignay Paris: A. The British Library copy C. While woodcuts tend to crack, metalcuts bend and are distorted probably through human manipulation rather than the pressure of the press.

It can create meaningful associations, or lead to discrepancies between texts and images. In this encyclopaedic text a French translation of the Hortus Sanitatis published between and , while the familiar strawberries are accurately depicted, the woodcut used for the peach tree is more generic and reused for all kinds of exotic trees bearing fruits C.

Woodcuts could be modified in order to fit better the text they accompanied. H 10, f. LA 1 , f. In longer narrative works like romances or chronicles, vellum copies include extra illuminations located in the spaces used for chapter headings in the paper copies.

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This is not systematic but greatly increases the number of illustrations and can lead to a new though often stereotyped iconography. James P. Harris London, YC. Short-title catalogue of books printed in France and of French books printed in other countries from to in the British Library London, Supplement, This striking material, often of high artistic quality, constitutes a fascinating means to reflect on the values and motivations as well as the challenges faced by French society at the time. These were government bonds issued through banks, given by individuals to the state at a fixed, low interest rate and redeemable after a given period.

Subscribing to them was presented as an integral part of the war effort. The posters advertising them highlight a situation of economic strain high government debt, inflation and currency devaluation , and its social and political repercussions, stressing the financial responsibility of civilians to support soldiers on the frontline. On one side, the one franc coin seems to climb effortlessly up a slope, leading the way for a group of allied soldiers to ascend. The caption indicates that since the whole world trusts France's credit, the franc strengthens; meanwhile, since nobody trusts Germany's credit, its currency weakens.

On the other side, a one mark coin rolls down a cliff. Barely supported by the soldiers who attempt to prevent its downfall, the wayward coin appears about to crush them. In these posters, subscription to war loans is presented as essential to support the army and hasten the victory of the French troops. It displays in the sunset, a female allegory of Victory, winged, in armour and wrapped in the French flag, leading through the air cavalry and infantry who bear French, British, Japanese, American and Serbian flags.

The perspective of their triumphant charge contrasts with the scene below, depicting a mass of wounded and dead soldiers on the battlefield. The poster thus also highlights the cooperation of the allied forces. It shows a colourful Uncle Sam shaking hands with a statue of the Marquis de Lafayette, the French general who fought for the Americans in the War of Independence of National and regional pride are stirred up by the allusion to Marseille and the reference to Alsace as a long-standing part of France. It reminds us of the crucial role played by the French colonies and French colonial troops during the war.

The posters also give insights into the hope for peace and reconstruction, with the return of demobilised troops after the war. Despite the importance of regional elements like the laurel and the traditional dress, if you look closely at this poster you can see that the Marseille address has been covered over by that of the Paris offices.