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Anger and Fear as Justifiable Preludes for Loss of Self-Control | University of Nottingham

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Institutional Access does not have access to this content. Open Athens. Purchase Content 24 hours online access to download content. Subscribe to this journal. Everything the wall is supposed to protect us from is based on lies. Drugs are coming in through established checkpoints at legal border crossings. Similarly, terrorists are not entering the U. As for crime related to undocumented immigrants, the data shows that immigrants commit less crimes than American citizens. The wall — or the idea of the wall — is really a monument to fear.

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  • And the fear is of people of color coming into our country. He and his allies painted it as a caravan of leprosy, smallpox, drugs, and gangs. This is what the spirit of fear looks and sounds like.

    This is a spiritual battle. This is more than just choosing your politics and whose policies you like better.

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    This is a matter of what's happening to us as human beings. E in June The spirit of fear is being used politically, with little or no regard to the way in which fanning hate paves the way for violence — or, at worst, understanding that connection and inciting fear either in spite of that or for that very purpose. And yet, the data shows that white supremacist terror is actually the form of terror that Americans should most fear, as it claims significantly more lives in the United States than groups like ISIS or people inspired by them.

    Another issue is the way our media consumption has primed us to live in the spirit of fear and, in some ways, almost seek it out. And fear always captivates the human attention and imagination. And so I think we are complicit in creating an appetite for news that fans and spreads these fears. In this fearful time we need a sound mind, and for followers of Jesus, that means turning to Jesus, asking for his help, and trusting God and trusting and loving our neighbors.

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