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This book actually helped! I understand - I've been focusing on other things as well. I look for new posts from you and read them, though I don't often comment. Need to work on that! No worries on lack of commenting on my blog as it's mostly just been silly observations lately. I'm starting to prepare for the C1 DaF test so I'll be reading your blog about it, too, as it's a huge step from B2.

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Bean, I would cry myself to sleep every night. We use the second conditional when we're talking about a situation in the present that is plainly untrue or very unlikely. This week I took the bus to Nagold to have coffee with an English teacher friend of mine who had just returned from the US with students, and since I had an hour to kill before my bus back, I treated myself to a wee peek in the bookstore. I left the store with four new books and had finished one before the afternoon was over.

Lastly, the two characters use idioms throughout the book that are interpreted very well, which language learners can adopt. Idioms are fun! Both characters are British, so there are several moments where American readers will wonder. Here's one example where Barry corrects a "mistake" Mr. Sully makes:. Americans say "on the weekend" and Brits say "at the weekend. If you are an English speaker learning German, a German speaker learning English, or a native English speaker considering teaching English to Germans, I encourage you to read this book.

It doesn't take long - I read the English half in a few hours with interruptions - and it's a fun read for a linguaphile. I am an Indian and I have learned Sanskrit but I just remember few sentences not good with grammar at all. It is a complicated language. Therefore I would be delighted if you could give me a precise translation of the sentence below!

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  • zweifeln and its prefixes.

I don't know if you really email people when it is ready. Although, it would be nice if I could be notified in some way. Thank you so much in advance whoever does it and the wiki team to make it possible at such convenience. I would like to make a request for an English to Latin translation. The below sentence within quotes is what I would like translated, if possible.

Illa est vera amicicia que nom querit ex rebus amicy nisy sollam benyvolemtiam Seneca Liuscomaes talk , 7 April UTC. You've got tons of exciting company to look forward to, starting today. Listen up for anyone with an interesting accent, and don't hesitate to offer to show them around.

Defizitbescheid according to § 17a Aufenthaltsgesetz (AufenthG) – #2

In addition Hope is my surname. Thank you again. I've decided to put: Quando si ha la salute buona, si viva piu a lungo. Just to avoid confusion. Could you please translate "Next to Normal" in Gaelic for me? I have an Irish background but no language.

Hello everybody. I have tried to translate a quote using a few online translator tools. This is something I want to have tattood, so I wanted to make sure it is accurate, which I am sure it is not, lol. I would like to know if this is the correct 'syntax' so to speak. Thank you in advance.

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Liuscomaes talk , 14 April UTC. You don't need someone to complete you, you only need someone to accept you completely. Please translate these 2 sentences from English to Sanskrit: 1. O God, please kill Ravana.

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May Ravana be killed. I like u i want to talk to u but i cant understand your language gave me your address and i will come to meet u. Jane, you are the sweetest dream in my heart. I love that you come into our life with such joy and laughter. This writing is from the Yonghe Temple in Beijing. I'd like to know what language it's in, and what it says. You Can't be good enough for everybody, but you will always be the BEST for the one who deserves you. You are my end and my beginning I want to have a bible verse transcribed from English to the Cherokee syllabary.

Is there anyone who can help me? The verse is:.

DON'T WORRY WEGLAUFEN GEHT NICHT - Trailer & Featurette deutsch german [HD]

Any help will be appreciated greatly. Cherokee talk , 5 May UTC. It is in the old testament. I was really hoping someone here could help. Oh well my search continues. Sorry I'm new at this. I seem to have lost my request but to Stephen who asked if the bible verse was old or new testament, it is the old testament and I haven't been able to find the old testament in Cherokee. Thanks for you help. I'll keep looking. Thanks To everyone that helped out to make it possible. I would like the following sentence translated: You-should-have-ig-nored-him! You should have ignored him!

Please translate "safe journey, happy trails and May God bless and protect you always" to Italian. Nowhere do we see any malice in this man but neither do we see any sense of right or wrong. For him the world exists, men can take pleasure from it but it has no other meaning. Meursault is indifferent to it. Good morning the love of my life! I just want you to know that I need you forever and will love you always! You bring joy to my life and I couldn't ever ask for a better boyfriend.

You are my one and only. And 'We also serve. Many thanks for your help. Could someone help me identify a certain Persian poem? Does anyone know this poem? It is supposed to be a Persian classic. I work at a big IT company in Japan. I'm currently working on a scalability project, that is a project to increase the capacity of a web application.

Lets start with 'friendship' - however Cheers to you I've been thinking about adding this to one of the French language entries: "Destroy the family, and you destroy the country. Translate into Latin "find" or "look for" —This comment was unsigned. Please translate "I must have loved you" into irish gaelic. I would like to keep the tense, NOT present tense please. Heathermcilvenny talk , 21 May UTC. Hello, will you please translate the following phrases from English to Gaelic for me?

Thank you! Not doing so will be considered as an act of Disrespect". The main area in Dubai where guest workers live apparently has a Hindi name "Sonapur" which literally means "Land of Gold". How would this be written in Hindi in Devanagari script? I would assume Urdu ought to apply too on the guess that guest workers in Dubai might be muslim. What l feel for you is real. Without u in my life l die. So will u save me with your love girl. You are the only person who can save me.