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After a historical and geographical input — analyzing the current state of Berlin as the privileged ground of the questions raised above — the workshop will focus on the individual and collective experiences and practices of the participants towards developing 1 a solidarity network and 2 an ethics of exile, in an attempt to map and assess Berlin as a potential polis city of exiles. Veranstaltungsart: Symposium, Workshop.

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Doch bei aller kritischen Auseinandersetzung gab sie den emanzipatorischen Kern des Moderneprojekts nie auf. In den 80er-Jahren wandte sie sich mit Begeisterung der angloamerikanischen High-Tech-Architektur zu und nahm damit eine Vorreiterrolle in der Internationalisierung der deutschen Debatte ein. Zumal verschiedene Spielarten des postkolonialen Diskurses gewisse Problematiken des Moderne-Diskurses aufgezeigt haben.

The british author and music journalist joins us for an lecture in Acud Studio where he will read excerpts from his. Simon Reynolds wurde in London geboren. Er lebt mittlerweile in seiner Wahlheimat Los Angeles. Das Kaiserreich in Europa Veranstaltungsart: Vortrag. Lecture Series "Tuning into Worlds.

Artistic practices engage with the natural and technological worlds in which we are embedded. How do animal, plant, geological, or machinic forms of perception, knowledge, and being come to bear in aesthetic processes? The lecture series focuses on the capacities of the arts to cross, question, and reconfigure human measures, action, and sensing. The question of a more-than-human aesthetics that results from these capacities leads in two directions: How to account for nonhuman aspects, scales, and perspectives within anthropocentric conceptions of art production and reception?

And where must we acknowledge forms of aesthetic and perception, poiesis and aisthesis, beyond the human? The perspective of more-than-human aesthetics aims to disclose practices and concepts in order to historicize and criticize the entanglement between the arts and their respective technological and natural environments. How can artistic practices alter these entanglements and test other modes of relation? And what material articulations and narratives, what artistic methods, does this propose or demand?

What worlds appear and emerge if we focus on more-than-human aesthetics in the arts?

Beruf Philosophin oder Die Liebe zur Welt

Europa bleibt! Das verlangt nach. Das gilt auch generell: Nationalismus ist die Bedingung des Universalismus. Dazu braucht man viel Verstand und noch mehr historische Kenntnisse. Moderation: Karl-Josef Pazzini. Donna Haraway geht methodisch Risiken ein, wie auch die Psychoanalyse. Die Psychoanalyse ging z. Donna Haraway wiederum arbeitet mit waghalsigen Metaphern und Analogien, schreibt Mythen weiter, arbeitet mit Verdichtungen, Verschiebungen. Den Auftakt bildet am Oktober ein Vortrag. Oktober ein Vortrag des Kunsthistorikers Dr. Adorno nach seiner Remigration gehalten hat.

Der Vortrag. Ulrike Schneider konzipierte. Frauen protestierten vor hundert Jahren in Massen gegen den Ersten Weltkrieg und das deutsche Kaiserreich.

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Ihre Streiks, Demonstrationen und Ausschreitungen leisteten einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Novemberrevolution. Was macht Gelingen oder Scheitern einer Revolution aus?

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Ein Abend mit Dr. Vierte Welt Adalbertstr. Shah proposes that experimental setups depend upon the political, contested, and exclusionary constructions of authorship, authority, and authenticity, which are hidden in the description of the experimental setup. Looking at a postcolonial feminist history of digital technologies, computational networks, and cybernetics, this talk will dismantle the experimental setup by looking at the conditions of asking questions and the need to expand the idea of the experiment beyond the logistics of apparatus, process, and replication.

The talk examines the use of historical reenactment, virtual reality VR , machine learning, and big data in the production of knowledge about the past.

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  7. Beruf Philosophin oder Die Liebe zur Welt: die Lebensgeschichte der Hannah Arendt [Book].
  8. Dealing with museum and art exhibits and documentary shorts such as Nazi VR and Triple Chaser, Agnew examines the ways in which new technologies are marshalled and older ones repurposed in order to gather and present compelling historical evidence. Against this backdrop, the talk asks what space remains for interpretation and the articulation of feeling. She co-organizes the Critical Thinking programme of the Academy in Exile, which provides fellowships for scholars-at-risk.

    ICI Berlin Christinenstr. November finden Sie unter www. Literaturhaus Berlin Fasanenstr. Moderator: Amanda DeMarco, Berlin For the past thirty years the West has been undergoing a communications revolution the likes of which it has not seen since the fifteenth century. Digital media. For the past thirty years the West has been undergoing a communications revolution the likes of which it has not seen since the fifteenth century.

    Digital media have altered every aspect of our lives from the way we eat and travel to the way we interact with others, from our sense of time and space to our very sense of self.


    They have undermined the institutions of the print culture upon which Western societies have been based, igniting a legitimation crisis in a global order founded on individualism, pluralism, deliberation, disinterestedness, and the rule of law. They are contributing to the polarization, mistrust, tribalism, memory atrophy, and the unwillingness to distinguish truth from falsehood we see today. Media theorists have called our culture post-literate: it resembles less the print culture that immediately preceded it, than the oral cultures of Europe before the arrival of the alphabet.

    For it is by looking into mirror of the archaic that the clearest image of the digital present will appear. He has translated two novellas from the French for Readux Books. He lives in Berlin. Amanda DeMarco is a writer and translator of French and German literature and philosophy. She lives in Berlin and is working on her first book.

    Die drei Zeiten des Museums Veranstaltungsart: Vortrag. Wie kommt Toleranz in die Welt?

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    Was verbindet Glaube und Vernunft? Welche sicheren Antworten finden wir auf Grundfragen unserer Existenz? Warum sollten wir miteinander sprechen? Across the humanities and in the performative arts the experiment — commonly associated with the empirical sciences — is gaining ground. These diverse endeavours understand the experiment as a formalized. These diverse endeavours understand the experiment as a formalized re staging of an encounter that may produce unforeseen results. Such encounters put greater emphasis on the research environment and foreground the participation of previously neglected human and non-human actors.

    As a consequence, increasing attention is paid to the constitution, agency, and surfaces of objects of knowledge. The lectures and the workshop aim to examine the relation, distinction, and interplay between experimental practices, laboratory settings, and creative processes, as well as the status of repetition, restaging, and novelty within knowledge production in the humanities and the performative arts.

    Hannah Arendt - Trailer (Deutsch - German) - HD

    A seed. An archive. Soaked in material memories of soils, weathers, technologies, journeys, and cross-species interactions.