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Melancholia and the feminine.

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Appreciation and aesthetics of chance in Nymphomaniac. List of contributors. The gift Graces desire and the collapse of ideology. Nature and the feminine in Antichrist. He teaches and does research on the intersection of critical theory, psychoanalysis, film and politics. Bibliographic information. The feminine act and the question of woman in Lars von Triers films. For example, when Rev speaks of the Temple being measured, Hanegraaff interprets this statement literally and argues there must have been a physical building still standing in order for this prophecy to be fulfilled.

Therefore, he concludes that Revelation was written prior to the Temple's destruction in 70 C. Futurist interpreters, like LaHaye, while agreeing that there must be a physical building in order for it to be measured, insist that the prophecy foretells of the Temple being rebuilt prior to the antichrist's arrival. Thus, while he may differ from LaHaye on the timing of the fulfillment of Revelation's prophecies, Hanegraaff agrees with him that the composition of the letter must precede the fulfillment of the prophecies in that letter.

Otherwise, Revelation could not be considered "divine prophecy. Prominent interpreters of Revelation, however, contend with this type of coded sequence interpretation. Richard Bauckham, for one, states, "Revelation does not predict a sequence of events, as though it were history written in advance….

It is a misunderstanding found both in the 'historicist' tradition of interpretation … and in the 'futurist' tradition. Once again, Hanegraaff's interpretation of Revelation, seen this time through his handling of its symbols and apocalyptic imagery, is more flexible than that of either strict preterists or premillenial dispensationalists like LaHaye. The following conversation, concerning the lamb symbol in Revelation, between the rabbi Darda and Damian, the Roman bounty hunter, gives insight into Hanegraaff's view on symbols:. Damian: "Lamb? Sheep are stupid beasts. Smelly and need constant attention.

Darda: "You are thinking like a Roman.

Not a Jew. You want to interpret the symbols in a literal sense. But symbols are so much richer than mere words. They show us things that are invisible…. Two of the symbols that Hanegraaff refuses to portray literallyare the marks of the Beast and the Lamb. With this decision, he again parts company with LaHaye, who portrays both marks as physical ones in his series.

In the Last Sacrifice , Hanegraaff has Issachar, a Jewish-Christian silversmith in Alexandria, explain, "one's beliefs and behavior mark whether one serves the Lamb or the Beast. The forehead symbolizes what you believe, and the hand symbolizes what you do. Yes, I have been marked, and my beliefs and actions are plain enough to the guild for them to bar me" Last Sacrifice , Issacher's example shows how a person's beliefs and lifestyle choices are enough to mark a Christian even without any physical branding. Hearing Issacher's story, Vitas, a Roman, responds, "You endure this slavery.

Your family suffers. To prosper, all you have to do is accept Caesar as do many other Jews" Last Sacrifice, But Issacher refuses to "worship the Beast," saying that John's Revelation has given him hope that the Beast will not last long and that those who suffer or perish under his reign will have eternal hope see Rev The novel suggests that from a Roman point of view it is treasonous for anyone to refuse to worship Nero as Lord and Savior.

Neo as Jewish Messiah in The Matrix Trilogy

From the heavenly perspective, however, into which Revelation's readers are drawn through its apocalyptic imagery, it is Nero who is treasonous by claiming titles that rightly belong only to the Lamb. The choice between the Roman Empire and the kingdom of heaven comes to a head in John's secret epistle and forces readers to decide between the two. There can be no cozy accommodation to the Roman world for those who belong to the Lamb. Hanegraaff makes this clear when he has a rich Roman cast off his wife, who has become a Christian.

When she tells her husband, "The Christos is my Savior," he responds, "No!

I preside at a temple where Nero is worshipped as almighty savior. Do you want to destroy my livelihood? Through such scenes, Hanegraaff introduces what many consider to be Revelation's main function—to counter the Roman imperial worldview that was the dominant ideology of the first century. The story itself is very original and told in such a way that you are drawn right in. From the very beginning I was hooked. I did wonder if it would get bogged down by religion but there was definitely nothing to worry about in that department.

Nathan is your every day normal average teenager, who just happens to see people's aura's.

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After being sent to the I won a copy of this book in a competition and I have to say I was very lucky to have happened across something as good as this.. After being sent to the principals office for fighting Nathans life changes forever. The final showdown was great. Some fairly big secrets were unveiled, some were a little obvious, others not so. If your looking for a break from all the werewolves, vampires and witches, then look no further. Aug 30, Nadine rated it really liked it.

Super enjoyable fast paced read. The story is told through the eyes of the teenage "soon to be antichrist". He is suprisingly likable and seems like a normal teenager, until people start trying to kill him, and his friends and a teacher turn into "keepers" designed to keep him alive. I appreciated the fact that there was no definate good versus evil and all the characters were a little of both. The main characters showed lots of potential in the upcoming books. I would have liked to Super enjoyable fast paced read.

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I would have liked to see a little more internal struggle with Nathan accepting the fact that he is the antichrist or maybe needing a little more convincing. Looking forward to the remaining books in the series. Aug 24, April Alvey rated it it was amazing. Aug 30, Kari rated it really liked it. I must say this was not at all what I was expecting but a delightful read nonetheless. Everything we've ever heard about the Antichrist is pushed aside in the story and I was completely drawn in from the beginning.

The concept that he was neither good or evil and we are all from the same source is one I can relate to. Looking forward to more in this series.

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I received this book free as part of a read to review programs. I'd give this 3. It's a rather fast reading. I liked the characters and it flowed really well.

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I really liked that this wasn't a blatant "normal" YA romance threads that seem to pollute other books the triangles or the "I'll die! I have to also say that I really don't like urban fantasy or fantasy with a male MC and this MC really didn't bother me. Somethings were, I felt, a little rushed. He's rat I received this book free as part of a read to review programs. It felt really weird.

You'd think it could've been sunken into the story more. I mean, give us some foreshadowing. I don't really like the names of the "evil" group. I mean, "the Takers"? I wish Graves had put more into the small details.

Cynthia Shepp

That's just small, nitpicky stuff on my part. It a decent book. Aug 20, Martha rated it it was amazing. I couldn't put this book down, and I can't wait for the next one. The characters are funny and believable and the plot goes through fascinating twists and turns. CJ Graves has a perfect ear for dialogue and the writing is fresh, fast-paced, and gripping.

Anyone who is looking for something new, different, and wonderful should read this book.

Jan 02, Cassie rated it really liked it. What if someone told you that you were to be the Antichrist. Would you believe them?