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My children love this one. The illustrations provide a basic approach poses using the alphabet and the text is fun and rhymes.

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Sep 21, Mary rated it really liked it. While the writing isn't the best, this book is lovingly illustrated and inviting for all readers. It's a great introduction to yoga for children, especially when yoga is already a staple for one or more family members. There are so many benefits for children who practice yoga.

Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!

Yoga helps children manage stress through breathing and meditation, helps build concentration, develops body awareness, and helps with self esteem and healthy habits. Yoga is a perfect activity to introduce into your daily routine and even into your classrooms! There is a lack of gym time in schools and yoga is a perfect way to integrate movement into the school day.

You can use it as a transitioning device between lessons, as a pick me There are so many benefits for children who practice yoga. You can use it as a transitioning device between lessons, as a pick me up in the afternoon, or a stress reducer before a test or exam. Christiane Engel helps children discover yoga poses by going through the alphabet and pretending to be one of the animals.

For example: when children get to the letter "g" they will squat down like a grasshopper. Each page is brightly colored and the poses are easy to mimic. Nov 01, Becky rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s , nonfiction , mlis.

Animal Yoga For Kids

This book is a cute way to introduce young children to yoga and reinforce the ABCs at the same time. Many children enjoy pretending to be like various animals, so the animal — yoga pose connection is sure to be popular with many. Overall, a cute book, and a nice way to get small children interested in yoga! Jul 22, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: abcs , children-s , picture-books , preschool. This is really stunning.

From the artwork to the simple, rhyming text, to the incorporation of the alphabet. I can see using this with a preschool or kindergarten class, or just one-on-one, but either way I do think an adult whether it be a teacher or a parent would need to guide the child through the book in order to successfully accomplish the poses. And the poses don't have to look exactly like they're supposed to. I've learned this from children's yoga. This is about the exposure to the ar This is really stunning.

This is about the exposure to the art of yoga as an exercise and experience. Again, I just have to say, stunning pictures. And the minimal rhyming text was really just the cherry on top for me. Definitely purchasing for my library's picture book collection. I think it would be cute as a board book, too. Disclaimer: Thank you to Edelweiss, who provided me with a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion. Nov 22, Danielle Rang added it Shelves: f-alphabet-books. No awards 2. Preschool-Grade 1 3. This book combines yoga poses with the alphabet and corresponding animals.

For example, for A, the animal is armadillo, and children are to do a yoga pose that makes them look like the armadillo. In colorful illustrations, and colorful language, this book explains the alphabet and beginning yoga poses for children. This ABC book allows for students to get up and move around.

It teaches basic yoga moves that can help ease muscles, and get children 1. It teaches basic yoga moves that can help ease muscles, and get children moving. It is a fun and interactive book based on animals as well.

This can be used as a read aloud with students copying the yoga moves as a whole class. It can also be used as a center activity, for students to read then perform the movements. Jun 16, MC Bonet rated it it was ok. The little poems that go with the pictures are nice. We contacted them and quickly we received an answer from Karnesh.

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Downward Dog Pose

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