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Do you have anything genre-related in development? The follow-up book is called The Colony , in which that same detective tries to discover the root of this series of mysterious deaths that occur behind the gate of the Malibu Movie Colony. The culmination of the series will be the final book in which Jovian comes to grasps with all of his demons and all of his discrepancies and indiscretions of the past on a beach resort in Costa Rica.

The next project after that is to go to film with this series. What is it about those concepts that has grasped your focus?

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What have I learned? I need to constantly push myself.

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So it was an audition but they kind of had an inside track. As long as they were able to do what I knew that they could do, they were golden.

It was a pretty intense episode. But ultimately, acting is just skill, and I knew that they had in them the ability to act in this role, so that was really it. Do you approach your acting roles differently than your singing opportunities? He definitely made it comfortable as a professional actor working with two eight-year-olds.

He definitely lent a calming presence to the entire set, which especially worked for the twins because they were comfortable in typically uncomfortable circumstances. Ray really stepped up and was fantastic. What can you tell us about this endeavor? Well, where do you see your careers heading more towards: singing or acting?

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Baldwin as girl scouts who get scared. You can also visit their official website for more information on their career and their anti-bullying campaign. For more on Reflections , including an upcoming exclusive interview with Ray Wise himself, check back here at DiaboliqueMagazine.

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Ken W. There is no subject that Frank refuses to think about. Equally, there is no subject that he places under his mental microscope where he does not see its potential for harm in the wrong hands. To me, his views are refreshing and honest. It is the investigation of ourselves.

It is the preoccupation that we have with looking at our own reflection and purposely Not wanting to see who we are. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Unsubscribe at any time.

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  • Jupiter opposition season is nigh, and with it, the largest planet in our solar system and its iconic Great Red Spot present us with a key mystery. Jupiter reaches opposition for on June 10 th.

    The top space stories of 2018: Mars, new moons and a mystery asteroid

    This means that Jupiter will rise in the east and dominate the sky throughout the June night, after the Sun sets in the west. The precise moment of opposition in Right Ascension that is, when Jupiter is 12 hours of R. Still, Jupiter is million kilometers from the Earth during opposition in , only a bit less 53 million kilometers than average. Now, for the bad news, at least for folks up north.

    The Sky This Week from June 7 to 16

    Orbiting the Sun once every 11 years, oppositions for Jupiter are roughly days apart, and move forward roughly one calendar month and one zodiacal constellation per year. Jupiter at the eyepiece: Near opposition in , Jupiter dazzles the eye at magnitude Jupiter rotates so fast once every 10 hours that an observer can track the planet through one full rotation in a single sleepless evening near opposition.

    Jupiter is a place where things are really happening , and the view can change from one night to the next. Only Venus can present a bigger planetary disk as seen from the Earth. To our eye, the Spot has appeared more of a pinkish salmon than truly red in recent years … amateurs have even documented great sheets flaking off of the shrinking Spot this season.